Teachers play an important role in our society. He is the builder of the nation, a mentor in knowledge and growth development, responsible in values formation and the preservation of culture and a molder of a future leader. Teachers are born to teach and to guide the children to be the future leaders of our country. They are the instrument used by God to touch the lives of others and to attain quality education.

The teacher often meets problems on the way of executing his duties. She needs a vastful of patience and perseverance inside the classroom of day-to-day teaching. As a mother of more than 40 children, sometimes teacher loses their temper. The loud voice and the mere touch to the pupil is often sensationalized by the society and for this reason, respect, which the teacher took good care of for a long time is gone. The people condemn what has been done by the teacher and fail to see the other side of justice and truthfulness.

Attainment of quality education always lies on the hands of the educator. As a mentor, one must always seek for a new and better ways of teaching through professional growth, action research or reflective action. Teachers must be equipped with knowledge in computers or the modern technology. As of today, children have a wide knowledge in using computers. Teachers should not be left behind by this new generation equipment in order for them to be in the modern world of technology. A teacher must be open to try new techniques and activities and accountable for the pupil’s success as well as failure

Lastly, of all the works, teaching seems to be the noblest profession of all. We cannot just take for granted the role that the teacher play, teachers actually hold the future in their hands without their knowing. This is the legacy they could impart to the generation and priceless heritage to the nation.

By: Mrs. Florinda L. Bantog | Limay Elementary School

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