The launching of the Dep.Ed programs like Schools First Initiative or SFI and SBM or School Based Management fave the way for the schools to become independent and attract stakeholders to meet the needs of each school in the country. This challenging role of the Schoolheads inspire them to invite and meet the parents in the community as well as government officials, business sectors and private individuals to support the programs and projects of the school that will lead to school improvement.

This new system of the Department of Education is actually adopted in other countries who have already tried this strategy and it was proven as effective measure of raising funds to augment the needs of the teachers, pupils and school. Since  school principals are now more empowered, they become more resourceful and efficient in dealing with people.

Applying the new system introduced by the Department of Education, Schoolheads develop their capacity to tap human resources to achieve high level of performance.

Thru the continuous implementation of these practices, our goal of achieving quality education is at hand and School Principals are  expected to be the “ Prime Movers” of this endeavor.

By: MR. ALFREDO E. DE LEON- Principal II | Lamao Elementary School- Limay District

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