Man is rational being the only creature endowed with the power to reason. He has the capacity to determine what is right and what is wrong and has the freedom to make his own decision and judgement.

As an individual slowly treads in the pathways of life, he encounters different situations, experience and challenges which serve as contributing factors to his growth and development. All of these influence his value system, mold him into an individual with a unique way of looking at things, an individual nurtured and brought up in a particular setting that would leave a permanent identity on him as a human person.

The foundation of an individual’s personality and value system is the family. The parents are the first teachers who are supposed to set a good example to their children. It is a home when one learns about GOD, feels belongingness and love, where the positive value such as sharing and respect are first experience, where one becomes aware of personal discipline, human dignity and honesty.

In the desire to provide an individual with the necessary training and to mold him into a dignified and desirable human being, we put up schools with assume the role of guarding, directing and providing the youth with experiences which would help him discover his potentials and his talents in order to attain quality living. It is the duty of the school to develop a well-rounded and morally upright individual.

The school should always serve as “neutralizer” to avoid campaign on the part of the individual when it comes to values development. A teacher can serve as a model on the value of honesty, justice, obedience and other. The best way of making our learners internalize positive values is not by telling them but letting them “catch” their values from the school. Educators should create learning situation which would bring individuals closer to each other.

The school where an individual spends more years of his life, should serve as a wholesome environment that would effect desirable values among the youth who will be the adult citizens of tomorrow.

By: Melinda C. Las Piñas – Capunitan Elementary School

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