To create a successful global citizens, workers and leaders, students who are knowledgeable about the world there is a need for school to prepare them adequately for different challenges. An adequate nation is a productive nation. Therefore a school head roles is important to achieve the goals of school. He must be guided with the six standard and guides to instructional leadership.

He must lead the school in a way that place student and learning at the center. He should set at high expectations and standards for the academic and social development of all students and the performance of adults. He should demands content and instruction that ensure students achievement of agreed an academic standards. He should create a culture of continuous learning for adults to student learning and other school goals. He must use multiple source of data as diagnostic to assess identify and apply instructional improvement. He must actively engage to community to create shared responsibility for students and school success.

In short we need Instructional Leaders who are also called learning because their main responsibility is to ensure that continuous learning occurs among the students and adults in the school in the best and most efficient way possible because Education is a continuous process. We must continue studying for us to adopt the changes that come in our way. Let us throw in the trash can all our obsolete way of teaching in order for us to be in the trend. Also instructional leadership is practice by a school accountable for one’s performance, where the goal is realized by making sure that existing policies, practices and resources are aligned with one another.

By: Mr. Arnel O. Larman Teacher III – Pablo Roman National High School

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