Whenever we hear a School Administrator communicating a passionate and heartfelt vision, the whole organization is energized, the whole group is challenged. As head of the educational institution, the school head must first see the vision then he must allow the people around him to feel so deeply about it to inspire them and the next step is for the leader to take responsibility for the vision.  The whole organization must own that vision and the pressing priority of that group is to fulfill that vision.

As leaders and managers of change, the school administrator needs to ensure that the vision is clearly understood by all the members of the leadership group.  They must all understand what is in it for the organization and what’s in it for the people.  People will be more committed when they see the benefits that will redound to them.
The school head has to play variety of roles like being the creator and shaper of the school climate, being outstanding models and being visionaries which are essential for achieving success and meeting the institutional objectives.

By: By: Mrs. Elvira R. Mina- Principal II Orion Elementary School, Orion District

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