A- Good day to learn about the world.

B- elieve in your abilities.You can do and learn new things.

C- ooperate  with your group. Do your part and share your opinions and ideas.

D- o your work scientifically ang logically.

E- engage in scientific skills and observing,comparing,calculating,thinking and analyzing.

F- oster a sense of responsibility.Accept duties cheerfull.

G- o and search the world. Serendipities  will come along the way.

H- ave faith in yourself, you can achieve what you really want in life.

I- n every minute,hour or second,work on until you finally arrive to the truth.

J- ustify whatever generalizations you arrive at.

K- now the importance of the universe,and your self worth to humanity.

L- ove your life and follow your dreams,work to achieve it.

M- ove on and continue searching,try until you succeed.

N- evrely on hearsays. Don’t  jump  into hasty conclusions.

O- ften make yourself aware of everything around you. Be responsive.

P- reserve and discover the mystery of the world of science.

Q- uit the wrong habits,develop the scientific attitude.

R- ealize the importance of being analytic and logical in your reasoning.

S- ystematize and organize work to achieve your goals.

T- reasure the time,talents and everything God has given you.

U- uravel the mysteries of science through discoveries and innovations.

V- enture into the world of experimentations and you’ll verify result positively.

W- hat you want is up to you,but what you do scientifically is a manisfestation of what you want in life.

X- cellence,work your way to the apex and you’11 reap your rewards.

Y- Ield to be recognized.  Always aim high.

Z- eal yourself with love,dedication and determination,in your guiding keys to unravel the mysteries world of Science.

By: Mrs. Michelle R. Somo | Teacher I Capunitan Elementary School

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