It is very notable that literature is now in focus when it comes to English area of Secondary Education Curriculum 2010 (SEC) 2010. From the first year level, in the first quarter, the Teachers will teach the narrative, which is composed of fable, parable, short story, legend, myth, epic and novel. In the second quarter, the teacher will focus on Pastry which is of course a collection of Philippine poems. And finally, in the fourth quarter, emphasis is an Essay, including all kinds, formal or informal.

Literature is divided into two kinds, the Prose and Pastry. They are all expressions of the attitudes, culture and  traditions of a certain place. A learner will surely inculcate all the competencies, values, skills and attitudes, based from the different articles from Philippine and foreign literature.

In the second year level, the same set up or arrangement can be observed except that the literary articles are based from Afro-Asian countries including Philippine Literature.

There will be also lessons about grammar in all year levels as indicated in the conceptual matters, but the significance of literature under SEC 2010 is unprecedented.

In the third year level, British and American literature, including Philippine Literature, will be tackled and in the fourth year level, World Literature will be discussed.

By: Rosemarie Q. Ramos | Ala Uli Elementary School, Pilar District

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