It is the practice of the Department of Education to modify or change the curriculum every ten years. Beginning last School Year, 2010-2011, the First Year teachers nationwide were trained on this SEC 2010. The following year 2011-2012, the second year teachers were the ones trained. Objectives of the training are to acquire a functional understanding of the framework, features and elements of the understanding by Design (UbD) as a curriculum Design, formulate an Essential Understanding and Essential Questions (EQ) based on a Content Standard of the English Curriculum-formulate questions that measures the attainment of the six facets of understanding, identify processes, skills and learning environments, adopted to students readiness, interest and learning profile, and acquire positive attitudes towards UbD as a curriculum design and the 2010 SEC as a reform initiative .

The teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders are hopeful in welcoming the new curriculum

By: Rosemarie Q. Ramos | Ala Uli Elementary School, Pilar District

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