The creation of Sports High School is one of the best that the Department of Education did in terms of developing athletes.  In Sports High School, selected best high school athletes are subject to training everyday all year round.  A potential champion will be given the most opportunities to develop their fullest potential through early exposure, more trainings and lots of competition. 

To develop future champion and to become a world champion these athletes must have trained everyday under competent coaches, suddenly there are lots of athletes which to choose and train our future champions for various sports from athletics, badminton, basketball, football, chess, swimming, table tennis, tennis to volleyball.

Let us talk about early exposure, tennis champion like Andre Agassi, Martina Hingis, Pete Sampras, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Steffi Graf and the Williams sisters, started playing tennis at an early age and they become world champions as young as a teenager. Since the program of DepEd is Sports High School therefore, the concentration is focus only in high school athletes, the question is: How about the pupil-athlete?

Early exposure started at very young age, 5 years old or younger but still there is no sports elementary school that will develop the grass root sports in elementary level. Building the fundamentals at early age is crucial, the reason is to expose pupil or children early to sports that they develop the basic moves and skills and most important enjoy the game. If the children enjoy the sports at an early age, then it became easier for them to train on their own. They automatically, after school hours or on weekends practicing the sports they liked. In other countries like Australia they devotes one hour per day in P.E. and dismissed classes at 3 o’clock in the afternoon therefore, after school  Australian children still have time for their training. Aside from everyday training there are lots of competition during weekends Its like family picnicking at the park, parents supporting their children competing in crickets, rugby, football, basketball, golf, swimming and tennis. Truly, Australia is a fashion sports country.                         If we can do the same sports program of Australian ministry of education, we can also develop and produce a world class athlete consistently.

By: Jose C. Guanzon

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