The new era or the 21st century must serve as challenge to teachers in their instructional ability as well as their behavior and attitude in teaching. The used of  modern teachnologies  and computers must lead them to upgrade their capability  to teach. Since they are required to provide information and knowledge to our learners they need to be equipped  and armed with  a lot of knowledge.
As facilitator of learning, teachers also need to conduct researches so they would be able to improve the teaching-learning situation in school. The use of modern techniques and strategies in teaching are very important so that the learners will have the interest to regularly attend their classes. As modern teachers, they also need to provide wholistic activities that  would be enjoyable to their pupils.
Teachers today should also be guided  with values and principles because the use of modern equipments might lead our children towards wrong directions. They need to guide our pupils with its advantages and disadvantages so as not to be liabilities in our society.

By: MRS. GREGONIA CEBALLE- Principal | Saysain Elementary School- Bagac District

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