A yearly program of the Department of Education‘s BRIGADA ESKWELA is a school maintenance program that engages all stakeholders to contribute their effort, time and resources to make sure that schools are ready enough in time of class opening. It is usually sets one week before the start of classes. The National Schools Maintenance Week seeks the assistance of local communities and its local officials, alumni, civic groups, NGO’s, private individuals, parents, teachers and even students  to do minor repairs with in the school in order to make schools and classrooms conducive to learning. Armed with hammer, brooms, garden scissors, paintbrushes, and other cleaning materials, the volunteers in each barangay schools voluntarily helped in fixing broken tables and chairs, repainting of walls and buildings, cleaning up of gardens, fixing up of broken pipes, fences, roofs, gutters, ceilings and others. Donations and assistance were also given by such stakeholders to ensure that there will be enough resources as the activity goes on. In the said weeklong activity, no amount of money was spent by each school in Orion since the volunteers are the ones who provided the materials such as cement, wood, paint, lumber and even foods to eat. The partnership with the local government officials headed by Hon. Antonio Raymundo Jr. and PTCA officers and the stakeholders provided invaluable financial and moral support.  Orion volunteers selfless efforts demonstrate and strengthen the Filipino value of “Bayanihan” . Division of labor was evident and the spirit of team work was seen and practiced. Once again, it has been proven that – TOGETHER EVERYBODY ACHIEVES MORE….- TEAM

By: EDGARDO L. DESTREZA – Daan Pare Elementary Schhol

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