Working towards overall achievements of a student , the teacher must be a master of the curriculum instructions that he will going to teach in front of his students. He must be well competent and knowledgeable once he will present his lesson to his students. He must be resourceful in presenting the lesson to the best that he can. Presenting the strategies as simple as it can be so that his students can easily understand the lesson he will going to teach.

 As a Teacher , he must be expected to be a curriculum expert . It is basically what students are expected to learn in the classroom and how the lessons are taught. You must have your master plan that serves as guide for what educational goals are to be achieved and through what teaching method. With this, it enable the achievement of our school goal of providing quality education to learners and therefore study hard, do a lot of readings, consults some expert and be guided with all the Department of Education Curriculum Guides and so not to be left behind when you start the teaching process.

By: MS. ELOISA L. LOPEZ | Teacher III | Abucay North Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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