Teachers today should not be satisfied in having or in enjoying his present position in school, as the old saying goes, once a teacher always a student so they need to crave for continuous professional growth. This fact is not confined to beginning teachers only but also to the older teacher in school. If teachers want to be effective, he must have the desire to grow professionally.

To attain this important matter, they need to expand or broaden their educational outlook, improve their efficiency and grow not only morally but also socially. When the school head requested them to attend trainings, seminars and workshops, they must be willing to participate because their participation would mean additional knowledge and learning new methods and strategies in teaching. They can also subscribe to publishing companies regarding

the reading materials that they need so as to grow profesionally. Teachers can pursue their masteral or doctoral studies to uplift themselves in the class.

It is the utmost concern of the Department of Education to offer quality education among our learners to attain such Vision, teachers need to cooperate and grab every opportunity to grow professionally.

By: Mrs. Alma V. Signio-Teacher III | Abucay North Elem. School-Abucay District

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