Today, teachers are not only expected to good, friendly and nice to their pupils but they must be accountable for their behavior inside the school and inside the classroom. They must be willing to improve and modify their performance to meet the present needs of their pupils because being a teacher, they need to realize their utmost responsibility to their learners.


Our kids or our pupils today must not be tied up inside the classroom and spend the whole year sitting in a chair, we are responsible to provide them with opportunity to learn and expose them to modern equipments like computer. We must see to it that learning is an enjoyable task where they are actively involved in a meaningful task.


As facilitator of learning, it is also our responsibility to provide and environment conducive to learning. To become effective, we must create a wholesome and enjoyable atmosphere inside the classroom. An atmosphere that will motivate our pupils for growth and development.





By: Jannette C. Angeles, Teacher III Orion Elementary School

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