Presidential Decree 1445 states that all resources of the government shall be managed, expended or utilized in accordance with law and regulation, and safeguard against  loss or wastage through illegal or improper disposition with view to ensuring economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the operation of the government. This statement implies the responsibility  of the teacher in using government property and resources.

Some of the duties of the teacher in assuring the wise management of resources are conducting inventories of classroom resources like books, instructional materials, equipments like computers, LCD projector, chairs, tables and others. Teachers must also discuss among her pupils the guidelines to be followed in using these resources and she must encourage them to protect and maintain the said properties.

As educators, it is our obligation to ensure that all the resources entrusted to us by our government are in good hands.

By: Mrs. Alma V. Signio-Teacher III | Abucay North Elem. School-Abucay District

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