Athletes are always in the limelight in the field of sports. Most of them become popular, influential, and wealthy. Some even achieve celebrity status and end up being actors, singers, commercial models and politicians.

However, it should also be noted that these players did not become as great in an instant. Most of them were players in intramurals, unit meets and provincial meets before advancing to the national competitions like Palarong Pambansa, National College Athletic Association of the Philippines and others even had the chance to join Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Thus, before being trained by leading national coaches, they were molded by their school coaches in elementary and high school. Some of these players are Alvin Amposta (dragon rowing gold medallist); Marlo Aquino (Ginebra Kings player); and Kirby Raymundo (Purefoods cager).

School competitions served as training grounds for these players. Schools were venues where they started to discover their skills and build their dreams. School coaches were their first mentors.

Hence, it is just right to say that these school coaches, have helped shaped the dreams, developed the skills and improved the attitudes of these national players. That is why they can be considered as the unsung heroes of sports.

Contributions of these coaches should not be forgotten. Due credit should be given to them. A simple acknowledgement or an act of appreciation would be enough. What’s important is the school experience of these players should not just be a thing of the past but a vital part of their success that could serve as inspiration to those who are dreaming to be like them.

By: Mrs. Lalaine P. Gatdula | MT 1- Pablo Roman National High School | Orion,Bataan

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