Sportsmanship literally means playing fair and losing without complaining or wins without cheating. Easier said than done! The word speaks deeper than what every people say. It is playing clean and fair without any hurtful words and actions. It is accepting success and failure without sacrificing friendship and closeness. It is winning without boasting, losing without hurting; it is deeper and hard to understand unless one experienced it.

Sportsmanship is said to be the golden rule of the game, it is one of the keys to success. Lack of sportsmanship means lack of respect to your opponents’ effort.

It is easier to accept winning and losing if we know that we did everything that we can to win and admit our mistakes. It is hard to explain because only a true sportsman carries the sense of sportsmanship, unless it is understood and put into thoughts and actions. It enables us to know and understand the true meaning and message of the game. It is playing with joy, joy with the fulfillment of your dream to win and joy knowing that you brought happiness to your opponents. One can only feel the essence of the game if we know how to be as sport.

By: Mrs. Lalaine P. Gatdula | MT 1- Pablo Roman National High School | Orion,Bataan

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