What is multitasking? It is doing more than one task at the same time.

People who multitask are called “ multitaskers”. They do a lot of things simultaneously. Kids nowadays are great at being multitaskers; whether that is at work or at play. It can be watching television while texting and instant messaging or reviewing for a quiz while making a science project.

Multitasking is a bit difficult to do. You have to do two or more things at the same time but you perform all the tasks well. Most parents wonder how their children multitask all the time with what seems to be very little effort or no effort at all.

There are a lot of multi-tasking puplis. They study, watch TV and play online games at the same time. (Although I am not sure if the studying goes well.) But there are also multitasking pupils who see the big picture of their future and juggle academics and several extra-curricular activities. They are active members of the choir, school paper, dance group and other clubs and organizations in school while being a good pupil. In most cases, they are the most visible pupils along the corridor. They also attend  club meetings week and lead in the activities in their classrooms and in school as a whole.

A lot of pupils  multitask. This is a good practice as long as one activity or action does not affect the rest of the things to be done. There are also times when focusing on one thing is the sensible thing to do, like in reviewing for a subject that one is flunking! Not everyone is built to be a multitasker.

Multi-tasking can be fun and it is a way to make the most of every moment. Since a lot of pupils  find studying and doing assignments quite monotonous, they turn on the radio or the TV. So, in a way, they have a ‘little entertainment” while they are doing something serious. 

But we should always remember to prioritize and that studying is our priority. Studying  can be a bit tiring but we can always find a way to enjoy it. That way, you can get high grades and do better in schools.

By: Ms. Liezl S. Oliveria

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