“ The youth is the hope of the nation”.

These are the exact words of Dr. Jose Rizal in one of his famous talks. He particularly called the attention of the youth being the next leader in our society. 

Youth is considered by some to be one of the weakest sectors of one society. They are often tagged as the unmindful, the unconcerned.   Most of the time, they are being underestimated.  Limited knowledge and impulsive actions, they say, are what craft the youth.

Definitely, I strongly disagree! As a matter of fact, the youth just constituted and made the turning points of our history being the most active force in any kind of human endeavor. 

They   clutched that idealism coupled with optimism that makes them act and react for this forsaken land where each creature seems to forfeit his hope.

Youth carries that untarnished conscience and unsullied mind that can refresh whatever oversights and downsides its predecessors turned.

Indeed, I am happy to say that the youth of today are the youth of Dr. Jose Rizal’s dream.  Kudos to our youth!

By: Ms. Jacqueline G. Canlas | Pablo Roman National High School | Panilao Pilar, Bataan

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