Time and again, concerned citizens in our country have strongly deplored the absence of socially acceptable behavior among a number of youths and adults alike. Supporting this grave concern are ever-recurring situations like the following:

1. Children, youths and even adults showing disrespect and disregard for their elders.

2. Indifference to the obvious need for helping handicapped or disabled people around.

3. The wild scrambling for seats in jeepneys, buses and public places.

4. Male adults and youths ignoring the need to offer their seats to girls and women.

5. The annoying use of vulgar language in a heated exchange of words with others.

6. Receiving other forms of help from others without even a smile of appreciation.

7. The uncontrolled grabbing of supplies and other things distributed especially those being given for free.

8. Smoking and puffing out cigarette smoke obnoxiously while in the company of others.

9. The indiscriminate throwing of trash like wrappers of candy, cigarette butts and peelings anywhere.

10. The absence of road courtesy on the part of drivers and pedestrians.

11. Sneezing, coughing, spitting indiscriminately.

12. Answering the call of nature almost overtly in public places.

 The unabated recurrence of these annoying situations has prompted the Department of Education to give character education enough time as a subject not only as integrated subject to bring back the good manners among pupils. Because of this allotted time, teachers can now think of better ways on how they can ensure the return of social graces and good manners not only to their clientele but to the whole community in general.

By: Ms. Catherine A. Valencia | Capunitan Elementary School

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