More often than not, teachers are targets of criticism by not a few observers but most of them. They are accusing them of being incompetent and neglectful in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Also they are blaming the teachers for producing poor quality pupils.

As if the teachers’ educational preparation is not enough, they are asked to take up the Master’s Degree Course for the purposes of professional growth and improvement.

Comparing the quality of pupils that we have today with those before the new millennium, theirs were better off as far as academic aspects and behavioral attributes are concerned.

In fairness to teachers, they are not only the factor that have caused the poor quality of education but various factors do so such as:

1. Poor study habit of pupils.

2. Lack of parental guidance because their parents are both working, here or abroad.

3. Different kinds of entertainment or gadgets that consume more time of the pupils.

4. The introduction of many innovations in the field that often confuse and mislead teachers.

5. Teachers are made to accomplish long and time-consuming reports. Instead of spending some time in remedial teaching, they are spending time in making these reports.

As a teacher, I know how a teacher feels toward his work. NO teacher would want his pupils to lag behind. He feels himself the happiest if after the day’s teaching, majority of his pupils learned the lessons. On the other hand, he feels unhappy and miserable if his pupils failed.

The teacher is a devoted public servant. Like any other government employee, he loves his work because teaching has already become his profession and his whole being. To blame him for any shortcomings of the school system is unfair without understanding first the nature of the job he is in.

By: Ms. Catherine A. Valencia | Capunitan Elementary School

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