Good parenting considers giving quality time to their children.  As molders of young mind, parents must be willing to commit themselves to provide their children  with a warm, supportive, safe and stimulating environment that will make them feel secure and will allow them to reach their potential.

Just like parenting, education of our children must be given extreme importance. We must think of ways on how we can make it a lot better.  With this, we must consider the kind of school where we are going to enroll our children.  A school in which learning is not only enjoyable but also challenging and wonderful experience for our kids. A school wherein teachers considered the skills, potential and unique needs of every learner. They make classroom activities exciting and something to look forward each day. A school that pays more attention not only in the developing the child’s knowledge and cognitive skills but it pays attention to the whole child and considers the child’s socio-emotional and physical development as well.
Good parenting and good education serve as important basis for the development of competent children.

By: JOSE LORETO G. RAMOS, Camachile Elem School

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