One, two, three… ready, set… read A – B – C!!!

It’s been decades since we were recognized in the whole world as one of the country with a high rate of literacy. But where are we now? As years passed by, Filipinos’ lives drift into nowhere. Our values have been taken for granted, our norms have been kept for nothing. We forgot the essence of having a good life and focused only to survive. It’s our stomachs’ pang that we give more heed and neglect our minds’ striving for earnings that will give our lives a rise that can even be useful to attain change in our economic status.

It is not our government alone who should blame, it must start in every family that we aim for knowledge. Let’s have a review of the Filipino families decades ago. Mothers’ started to teach their kids at home on how to read, to count. There is no such formal learning required during that time but then it will almost on top of the worlds’ recognition in literacy. We can claim that we are globally competitive during that period. Have you ask yourselves, why? What we have done wrong? Let’s start changing now, it’s not yet the end. Let’s motivate our child to learn and love reading at the early age. It’s not a requirement to start it with a tutor, or to be enrolled in a learning center. It’s a lot better to teach our child at home at the age of three. Just focus and keep an eye to our child’s essential needs to acquire our aims. It’s already a big start to the way of success.

By: Ms. Ma. Clarissa L. Nacpil | Teacher III | Orion Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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