Managing class time is imperative and important; therefore, a teacher cannot do away with planning the activities to be done for the next day or even for the next week. Most teachers experienced more or less once or probably most of the time mis allotment of time for a particular lesson or activity. Sometimes, she executes lesson under time or overtime.

In general, many hours for instructions are robbed of every student for several reasons. One big reason is disruptions of instruction due to unexpected or emergency meeting of the Principal with the Faculty; perhaps a signal number three typhoon, extended time of students program or convocation, brown out, hardware not working, and many more different reasons. What can a teacher do to minimize the time spent in a lesson execution, solving or paying attention to an unexpected classroom discipline problem, in order to maximize the academic time for instruction and make students spent time on their academic task?

Teachers have limited time with students and they generally pay a lot to be there. Most of them are not there for leisure or fun but because they truly serve for their passion and work of life.

Teachers as well as students must know how to budget or estimate how something will take to be one or more difficult parts of planning, it will be alright if lesson/things take longer time; however, the teacher must have some idea of what he or she will do other way. For instance, reading again a stanza or two of a previous learned poem and explaining further the meaning of it. Longer drill lessons in speaking, reading, listening and writing as opposed to more time consuming or in depth drill activities.

By: Ms. Ma. Lourdes A. Dizon Master | Teacher I | Samal | North Elemenary School

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