If you have an early morning or after lunch class time, you might notice some problems with rhythm and attentiveness. You might start these classes with brainteasers or wake up exercises that get students ready to focus. Being aware of this situation might save you some frustration in getting used to timing issues with your class.
New teachers often become surprised by how even the best-laid lesson plans go awry. It is often the case that students will lead the discussion off topic and the instructor, pleased to have such lively interaction, will not be able to bring the class back on track. The best practice is to have key phrases pre-planned to bring class back to topic such as “time to come together now, please wrap it up in 2 minutes.”
Some classrooms don’t have clocks where faculty can see them, it might be useful to select a timekeeper whose function it is to notify the teacher when discussion time is up and transition is needed. It is recommended to write a reminder to the class not to let the teacher get off track or talk past a certain time amount when they have a good amount of material to be covered or group activities planned. With this reminder written on the board under the daily agenda, students aren’t as hesitant to let the teacher know that while they are fascinated by his/her words, he/ she had exceeded a self-imposed limit.
In dull hours, effective teachers should used appropriate materials and activities to redirect it to enjoyable hours. It is also important to manage their time efficiently.

By: Salvacion F. Dagdag | Teacher III | Mariveles National High School | Mariveles, Bataan

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