Open line of communication between the teacher and the parents can lead  to better performance and outstanding accomplishments.  Since parents are said to be one of the stakeholders in the school , they have every right to know what is happening in the school premises primarily with the respective classes of their kids . They need to have time to pause for a while from their work and  attend the so called PTA Meetings. 

Parent teacher conference is a must in every school. A time for “ MEET & GREET” . an opportunity to talk about important issues about the school, the class and the kids. But teachers are having a hard time making these conferences effective. Some of them simply conduct one just to comply with what must be done . But we should make the most of it . Here are some tips to make it effective;

1. Make them feel comfortable. Greet parents with their nicknames. Smile.

2. Discuss your expectations

3. Be prepared and organized.

4. Do not start with school contributions

5. Show genuine concern before you speak about issues or problems.

6. Do not compare your kids in front of their parents.

7. Do not argue with the parents.

8. Do not blame the parents  for students’ misbehaviour.

9. Do not speak negative on others.

10. End on a positive note.

Try these tips and see for yourself.

By: Mrs. Nelda A. Peralta Master Teacher-I

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