Teachers are not produced in factories or in poultry farms. The would-be teachers should be guided and directed form the very start, first of all to help them see whether or not they have the vocation to teach.

I used the word vocation advisedly, and I do have in mind basic education; grade school and high school. Teaching especially in grade school and high school, is not for everyone, and the pity is that many students think that, if they have been rejected or have failed in their and second choices for a university career, magti-teacher na lang sila.

There is nothing sadder than meeting someone who has been many years in the teaching professions, only because there have been no other opportunities. These people are usually unhappy and disconnected and a source of problems for the school administrator.

In teacher education, the would-be teacher should told very frankly, after a prudent number of observations, whether he or she has a vocation to teaching.

For vocation to teach has only partly to do with the talent to teach

By: Ms. Juvy P. Cruz | Orion Elementary School

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