In order to be an effective teacher the most important thing to remember is that teachers one of the most important goal is to HELP STUDENTS LEARN TO HELP THEMSELVES. The three of the many ways to accomplish this goal are:

1.    Active Learning – Have structured activities for students to do. Work hard to build interest on the students’ parts. Ask questions and try to involve the student in getting the answer instead of giving full answer. This involvement will build confidence in students, the most important step in improving the writing process.

2.     Independence – A confident student will become an independent student. Help the student develop ideas and discuss with them even if these may not be directly related to what the course is all about. Tutorial classes provide this opportunity where a teacher can effectively interact with students at their individual level, attempt to build up their confidence and independence.

3.     Motivation – Tutorial classes give the time to identify the strength and weakness of individual students and depending on that the teacher can develop his own way to motivate the students individually. It also gives an opportunity to him to identify the weak and good students and he can tackle the weaker students to bring up their confidence level by motivation.

Keeping above stated facts in mind a meeting comprising of the following methods are suggested as mode of conduct of Tutorial classes which could be adopted uniformly, and becomes a standard to be followed with little variation.

Theoretical Subjects

1.     Faculty must ask questions related to the concepts dealt in the class in order to ascertain the level of understanding of the basic concept. This concept can be explained with the help of discussing certain design problems and citing examples from rear world. This will help to clear their doubts and also add to the depth of knowledge and its application.

2.    Discussion can be held to adopt the best approach to answer questions.

3.     Encouraging students to share the latest concepts related to the subject.

4.     Faculty can ask the students to come on the board to discuss certain finer points related to theory and relate it to the practical’s being conducted in the lab.

Numerical Subjects

1.     Motivate Students to solve the numerical in the note book and then invite them to discuss it on the board.

2.     Tutorial sheets can be designed with blank spaces underneath each question to be solved there itself. These sheets, after evaluation by the teacher, can be filed in the folder by the student for his reference .Faculty can retain few best ones as sample.

3.     The other approach may be that the faculty solves few questions in the tutorial class on the board and then encourages students to solve the rest on their own and assist them in doing so.

4.     Students can be asked to download the tutorial sheets from the institute site and solve them prior to coming to the class wherein the faculty can attempt to clear their doubts and attempt to solve unsolved questions, if any, in depth.

5.     Students can be inspired to maintain a folder containing the syllabus, lesson plan and tutorial sheets of all subjects which they cay carry to the institute daily thereby preserving the documents for final preparation. Alternatively this could be printed under institute arrangements and can be distributed to students.

By: Mrs. Priscilla A. Manalo | Teahcer I | South Elementary School

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