Students with learning disabilities are those who cannot go along with the paced of learning of other students. They are the one who are unable to process information and learning the way other students do. This learning disability may vary from student to student and from subject to subject. These kinds of students are usually the one who easily get confused with the excess of information and cannot connect the different bits of data to make a whole learning. In this kind of scenario, the teacher needs to give specific teaching method that will fit the student’s interest and paced of learning.

Here are some good tips you may apply on teaching students with learning disabilities:

1. Take time to assess the level of understanding of your student and his learning difficulty. 

2. Try to put learning in smaller parts for better understanding.

3. Be open in using diagrams, graphics, and pictures that could help in explaining complicated learning.

4. Set the learning environment by telling the students what the learning goals are.

5. Use simple and specific language in giving instructions. Instead of saying “try your best”, give specific example of quality works and use the right word for description.

6. Never use high score students performance as a public example and poor work for display. 

7. Ask the student on particular teaching strategy if it is helpful compare to other methods. 

8. Students will learning disability will easily get frustrated if they do not get the learning as the rest of the class can do. In this case, your support and patience is important to keep him going and put his dedication to his study.

9. Ask the participation of parents by telling them the particular weak points of their child. This way the child can study extra hour at their home with parent’s supervision.

10. Feel free to ask students with learning disabilities if they have part of the subject they do not understand. It will also be helpful if you can ask your student to describe his understanding with the subject.

By: Emerita P. Reyes | Pablo Roman National High School

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