Many questions have been arising in every Filipino minds as to what solutions are applicable in addressing the problems about the quality of education, affordability, budget etc.

Along with the declining of the quality of education we have compared to other progressive countries basically brought by the economic crisis that the Philippines had experienced and vice versa.

In my own point of view, South Korea is the Asian education that I want Philippines to be. From being a country that had experienced much hardship, South Koreans have invested in education as means towards the economic progress of developing skills in new technology.

Since I had the chance to know that South Korea has one of the most effective educational system in the world based on United Nations study. In this country, there was a great value attached to education that it was seen as the way of achieving individual and national success.

It is also a large state funded which is widely believed that the government desires to invest in “human capital “ through concentrating on education  has led to economic success of the nation in recent years as well as extremely high literacy rate.

South Koreans rapid progress in economic growth has mainly due to the willingness of the government in making changes in education policies will benefit the citizen. As a result, a better economy can be obtained, which in turn will boost development rates of the country as a whole.

By: Agnes M. Fajardo, Teacher III Casupanan Elem. School

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