The desire for the total development of persons with disabilities is a state policy enshrined in the Philippine Constitution and reaffirmed various legislations and executive issuances; thus the National Council for the Disabled Persons is directed to rationalize all disability related efforts by formulating Comprehensive National Plan of Action which translates the objectives of Republic Act 7277, Batas Pambansa 334 into concrete programs and other related disability laws and policies.

In the town of  Orion, Bataan , the Social Welfare and Development Office in close coordination with the Office of the Mayor have formulated programs for the Persons with Disabilities and networking with the DSWD and Non-Government Organizations. The Office of the Municipal Mayor , KASAMAKA  Foundation & International Children’s Advocate   have provided several assistance /services for the PWDs as stated below,




Service Rendered






# of  Beneficiries






1. Cleft/Lip palate operation      



April 2006             






International  Children’s Advocate



2. a) Provision of Wheelchair    



April/ May/ 07     






Mayor A.Raymundo / KASAMAKA



b) Walker/ Crutches



April/ May/ 07     






Mayor A. Raymundo / KASAMAKA



3. Hernia operation                    



May 2007






International Children’s  Advocate



4. a)Provision of Educational Assistance /



Whole school         year 2007-08









    b) School  allowance / Miscellaneous            



Whole school         year 2007-08






Mayor A.Raymundo



    The untiring and relentless efforts of the Local Government of Orion was made possible thru the initiative of the Municipal Mayor Antonio L. Raymundo Jr. and the Office of Municipal Social Welfare and Development.


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