Many people around us seem to worship the wrong meaning of Beauty. “Physical beauty is only skin deep.” we say , but few of us live that way. For instance, women they say have two weapons, cosmetics & tears. We strive to make ourselves more beautiful on the outside & we flock around those who posses external beauty.

The mark of a beautiful spirit is when a person is caring. The person who truly loves others- who gives of himself or herself to help others- these persons are the ones to be emulated and so we need to cultivate that caring spirit as carefully as we can.

Here are some reminders for everybody to test himself if he gives the wrong meaning of Beauty.

1.    How much time do you spend each day trying to look better? Compare that to the time you spend caring for other people. You may need to spend less time in front of the mirror. You may seek out ways to help others.

2.    Are there friends or acquaintances that you envy because of their physical beauty? Try to control this by focusing more on care for others and always tell yourself “I am beautiful inside”, and that is more important

3.    Do you choose friends on the basis of physical appearance? Do you treat your good looking friends better than your good-looking friends? If so stop it. Try to move all your friendship to a deeper inner-spirit level.

By: Ms. Victoria H. Laqui T-III | DEPED Samal Bataan

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