Unselfishness means more than just generosity. It also means more than just generosity. It also means that you aren’t excessively caught up in your own concerns at the expense of other people. While there’s nothing wrong to make sure your life goes smoothly, it is wrong to live as if you are the only one whose feelings matter.

Mark 12:41-44 is perhaps the Bible’s best recorded  illustration of unselfishness. A poor widow made an offering of two small copper coins worth less than a penny. But Jesus pointed out the significance of such a gift to his disciples. He knew that this was all she had to give  and consequently was a completely unselfish gift worth much more than large amounts of money given from the excess of others.

What are some recent examples of ways you’ve chosen to be unselfish? What are the results of your unselfishness? Besides giving money, what are some ways you can practice unselfishness?

By: Mrs. Edna G. Reñosa Teacher III | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School Abucay District

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