Latest developments in information and Communication Technology  (ICT) have further reduced the barriers to information access and exchange. This development bodes well for institutions engage in education and training, particularly for institutions whose aim is to reach the marginalized sector or bridge what has been referred to as the digital device. 

To reduce this device, many international inter-governmental and multilateral financial institutions have worked with governments in ascertaining the framework, approach and programs that would maximize the access and the flow of knowledge and information to a wider range of users.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) have convened forum on the ways of optimizing the use of ICT in education, trainings suited to the circumstances and development needs of an individual countries. On this forum “Optimizing ICT for Education Sharing Practices Experiences from Asia Pacific Region. What work doesn’t and in what circumstances?” has brought a wide range of stakeholders in ICT and education, including senior policy maker and planning officers, researchers, private sector and non-government organizations (NGO) workers.

The conference has facilitated the sharing of current ICT practices in education and the lessons learned. The experiences of Asian countries help participants to get handle on the conditions and circumstances that provide the effective ICT application in education and training.

Through this conferencing, it could enable the world leaders to open their minds and eyes to possibilities as well as pitfalls of ICT application in bringing the digital technology and knowledge more convenient to access information and also unite people around the globe.


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