Image We often hear people say that values are caught not taught. While it is true that concrete examples from elders are best learned by children, the teaching of values education / character education is a must nowadays. Past events and the influence of modern times have made most Filipinos neglect or disregard some of the virtues Filipinos have been known for, thereby failing to hand them down to the latter generation.

          The teachers provide examples and situations that will teach, enlighten and inspire pupils to possess virtues like values in relation to: God, self, others and country.

          Mrs. Ma. Fe V. Angeles is a former teacher and principal from Orion, Bataan. For how many years she had been assigned in Dinalupihan, Bataan, and now that she returned as the district supervisor, she’s trying to liven up  the values that should be developed in each and everyone of us; teachers, parents and pupils. She is involving herself deeply in molding the values of the youth in Orion, Bataan.

          Just in February she had gathered and had conversation with the parents, teachers and pupils of some schools in the district. And followed it up with a recollection for all the public school teachers in Orion District, held on March 21, 2009 at Orion Elementary School.

          It is hoped that with the district supervisor’s, the teachers’ and the parents’ guidance and correct modeling, our children in Orion, Bataan, will soon grow up to be the citizens we hope them to be.

By: Rosario M. Marquito, Calungusan Elementary School

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