By : Lyria DC Sapit
Master Teacher I
Mariveles National High School-Poblacion

What is VFA?  It is  an Agreement between the Philippines and the United States which was ratified by the senate. This agreement, according to the Primer from the US Embassy, is in accordance with the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1951. The treaty commits both parties, “separately or jointly, by self-help and mutual aid to maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity”.

It includes the United  States personnel access to free entry and exit to Philippine soil, thus prompting  vigilant Filipinos(including the author of this article) to question its constitutionality and whether  it is a threat  to national security rather than protecting the interest of both parties.

However, according to the Department of Foreign affairs, it is already on its way, which would institute reciprocity. But I believe otherwise.

By: Lyria DC Sapit

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