The teaching profession is the oldest and noblest profession in the world. Every course, when taken, must have to be taught by a teacher. So the teacher is a very important personality in imparting knowledge to people. Thus, a good teacher must possess good virtues so as to be liked and respected by her pupils and people within the community.

If this is the case, what are these virtues that each teacher must possess for them to be deserving for the profession.

1.    A teacher is kind, understanding, loving and

2.    He is God-loving and lives the Christian way of life.

3.    He is helpful and generous to those who are in need.

4.    He is honest in every way.

5.    He does not have favorites.

6.    He is industrious and resourceful

7.    He is punctual in going to school

8.    He does his work well by seeing that every pupil is learning and improving everyday

9.    He does not have vices.  He is a living example of good moral conduct.

10.    He has self-respect, self-control, self-discipline and dignity.

11.    He has patience, perseverance and endurance no matter what problems arise.

12.    He is a true model at home, in school and in the community.

These are some of the traits that a good teacher possess which make him better not only in the eye of man but most especially in the eye of our Great Creator.

By: Melinda C. Las Piñas – Capunitan Elementary School

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