The education crisis has given every educator the opportunity to reflect  on who the Filipino learner should be and why we have not created the kind of learner we envision.

To myself, I’ve always envisioned the Filipino learner as someone who is functionality literate and equipped with life-skills for lifelong learning and who has acquired values that will help him or her play a positive role as a responsible citizen in society.

A Filipino learner should be a contributor and not just a mere receiver. He or she should be taught to be a critical thinker and a creative problem solver. In the long term, academically prepared to be economically able and be an active participant in the society.

It must be realized that the dignity that comes with being able to establish one and contribute to society because of education is an important goal.

Corollary to the vision of a Filipino learner are teachers  as drivers of excellence in education. Teachers must be the facilitators of learning and directors of the conditions for learning.

In view of this, teachers must be given the opportunity to develop themselves as professional and empower them to be creative and strong-willed professional teachers.

By: Mrs. Jane Rose Y. Tolentino | TI-Pablo Roman National High School | Pilar, Bataan

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