Pollution is the keyword at present. It is the introduction of contaminants into a natural environment that causes instability disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem.

According to experts, the ultimate cause of pollution is the human activity itself.

There are various ways recommended by Earth Day Network Philippines to make our environment greener. They introduced the 101 Ways for A Greener Lifestyle. I lifted the most advisable practical ways for different kinds of pollution:

1. If you open your computer for only 4 hours a day (instead of 24 hours) you will reduce its CO2 emission by 83%.

2. Take the train, bus or jeepney. Leave your car at home. This will not only save gas, it will also reduce CO2 emission by millions of tons.

3. When riding a boat or any water vehicle, do not throw anything into the water even if the material is biodegradable.

4. Water your plants/ garden early in the morning or late in the afternoon to lessen evaporation.

5. Support organic farming. Do not use chemical based fertilizers and pesticides.

6. Adopt a forest. Coordinate with your local DENR office to identify your watershed and offer not just to plant once but to adopt a portion of that watershed.

7. Join the Kontra Kalat sa Dagat or Bantay Dagat in your locality.

8. When painting your house, use lead fuel and non-hazardous paint. Also ensure people disposal of the remaining paint.Green energy, quality air, well-managed solid waste well-conserved water and pollution prevention will be assured if all of us will cooperate if we shall apply the 101 Ways for a Greener Lifestyle.

By: MRS. GERTRUDES PERIA-GACUTAN | T-1 Samal National High School

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