Image In response to Orion’s growing health care needs and the vast programs  that need to be implemented, our Local Chief Executive, Mayor Antonio L. Raymundo  Jr, responded and  acted  quickly by hiring the services of Dr. Grace  Teresita  N. Abello. Though a 3rd class Municipality, our Municipal Mayor does not stop from finding ways and means to provide basic and upgraded health services that is comparable to that of the first class municipalities and city in Bataan.


The addition of Dr. Abello  to the roster of health personnel will boost  the quality of care that the residents of Orion will receive. Being a pediatrician, Dr. Abello’s  entry  into the government service will help tremendously in the implementation and delivery of all health services which is anchored in the flagship program “ Health For All” advocated by the Local Chief Executive. Orion’s town folks look forward to Dr. Abello’s contributions to the health sector and to the general public’s welfare.

Our expectations are high but we are confident that Dr. Abello will deliver. And so in consonance, we say, “ Welcome Aboard, Dr. Grace Teresita  N. Abello.”

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