Lots of college graduates and professionals now a days are still searching for a stable job. However, finding a stable job today is one of the biggest problems you can ever face especially here in our country. In our present economy, finishing college will not guarantee you successful life. You need to keep on going and be more aggressive in pursuing your ‘dream’ career path after graduation.

Your real battle starts right after they handed you your precious college diploma on your graduation day. This is just the start of your battle in the real world. Achieving your ‘dream’ career path will require you lots of problems and trials that will test your patience and dedication to your career.

Here are some of the tips that can help you in achieving your career goal:

1. Set your goal.

In order for you to visualize your career path clearly, you need to set your goals and have necessary plans. You can write down your specific goals on a paper starting to short term and long-term goal. This way, you will always be reminded and keep focus about your dream. Be reminded that you need to look unto your priorities and be sure that your goal will stick to what you can do or what you aim to do. Set your specific goal in this month or for this year. Whether it include getting your dream work, the certificate you need, your preparation for job interview will all depend upon your goals and plans.

2. Take the first step!

Your journey in your career will be a long and winding road but it will only begin if you take the first step. You can never go anywhere with right planning and right thinking alone. You need to take every small step presented in your way so you can achieve your career goal little by little. Larger goals can only be achieved if you take time to succeed in every small step in your way.

3. Do not lose hope.

If there is one special thing that you need to have in your pocket while walking in your career path, then that is having constant hope. You will surely have tough times in your career but giving up should never be an option. Keep your mind in the positive side and feel free to try out every career chances you will encounter in your journey. Keep on learning for every mistake that you will encounter and aim for courage to try harder and harder every time you will encounter failure. Failing can never be avoided in the career world. Be ready for it and have a positive reaction towards it.

By: Emerita P. Reyes | Pablo Roman National High School

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