Education is important. It’s an opportunity that you just can’t let go. It is a valuable goal. Many parents have been struggling very hard just to leave this kind of legacy to their children. A legacy which is permanent and forever.

There is no such hard thing when you start it from learning. There is no good life when you stop striving. Every successful man learn and struggle to achieve what they have. It’s a question whether your rich or poor, it’s perseverance and persistence that is essential to achieve more. It started from home and refined in school to be educated at once and live a successful life.

Education will determine your future. Your diploma will speak to your ambition. And you achieve your life’s greatest position. What you have learned will guide you to have a good life. Your struggle, your pain, your sacrifice will be paid off once you have a degree in a profession. You are valued as a precious possession in a company, in your family as well as in the whole country. Your life is at stake because you learn. Your knowledge, until death, is your wealth and yours only. it can be share, transfer but never be taken by another.

By: Ms. Ma. Clarissa L. Nacpil | Teacher III | Orion Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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