Our great hero Dr. Jose Rizal believed that the future of this land is the youth. But how can we have a good future? Of course ,education is one of the primary ingredients to success. Unfortunately, many youths today take education for granted, that is why, we have to salute those youths who have proven that they really value the meaning of education. We have to salute those holding they key to a better future; those who now have the treasure that they can use as they face life’s challenges.

Furthermore, the new generation and the future of the world seem to be very hesitant to take the role that is expected of them, that is to become better individuals in order for them to assume their responsibilities to become responsible and successful citizens in the future.

How could every teenager achieve this? Start realizing the significance of education as a primary tool in reaching ones goal.

By: Ms. Analyn A. Barrera | Teacher I | Capunitan Elementary School

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