“I Like my teacher because she’s intelligent. “
“I like my teacher because she is kind .“
”I like my teacher because she’s not only a mother but a friend to me.”
These are some reasons why children love their teachers . But what really makes a good teacher ?

A good teacher is like an angel who is sent by the Father above. She looks like an angel with an halo on her head . She is caring and watchfull and she guides the children to the right path. Not only by reading stories of some good people with big heart but also by being a good model to them , She watches her pupils grow to become good , gentle  and true citizens  of our country .

A good teacher is like a good mother .  She knows what is best for her children. She is patient , kind loving and understanding . She makes her lessons interesting by telling enjoyable stories that help them become good children.

And finnaly , a good teacher is God’s gift to children . She radiates truth, goodness and love . She doesn’t have favoritism . She  treats her children equally . She wants her children follow her examples . She prepares her pupils to become good citizens of the country.

May all this characteristics of becoming a good teacher be imitated by all teachers . Thus , this institution can be concidered as a school friendly.

By: Rowena M. Lisud (Master Teacher II Limay Elem. School)

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