If  teachers are looking for  principals  who are   effective and efficient, schoolheads are expecting that the teachers that they will hire are the kind of educators who teaches with a heart. He may not be highly intellectual but he possesses the qualities of a good teacher… committed and dedicated. He works not to win favor and approval from man, he works with the deep desire to guide his pupils and lead them towards higher learning.

Schoolheads also expect that his teachers are resourceful. He loves to explore things and discover new methods of instructions so as to meet the learning needs of his pupils. He is not satisfied using the old methods of teachings and using old references. Instead , he enjoyed surfing the internet and using computers to look for more fun-filled activities to make his lessons interesting.

School principals also love teachers who knows how to address individual differences. He finds time to know his pupils and their learning needs. He understands the learning style that should be applied to each learner and takes time to discover their interests and the teaching approaches that must be used along their lines of interests. If teachers possess these qualities, there’s no doubt that it will lead to better learning outcome.

By: MR. ALFREDO E. DE LEON- Principal II | Lamao Elementary School- Limay District

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