A. Sharing All Information.

You heard something: you found a useful book, you discovered something. This would give an advantage over others. But you do not want to have an advantage over them. You want others to be as efficient as you. Give full reports after going to important meetings. If anyone in the group was absent through illness. Help him to know what the others know. If one forgets to share information, remind him / her. This creates trust, since all know that nobody hides anything which the others should know.

B. Truly Listening To Each Other.

If others listen to what you have to say, you feel that you are taken seriously. You may fell accepted. You feel that you belong to the group and a confidence that nobody would not let you down. Trust is then built. It is simply because that if we listen to others very intently we will be able to fully understand them better.

C. Respecting the Opinion of Others.

No group or anyone in the group will have completely of the same opinion. Each member of the group has their right to be heard. We should listen to them instead of arguing right away and in doing so we could be able to realize that differences should not go far that common action becomes impossible.

D. Accept the Fact That You Really Differ.

Even if all try to adapt themselves to the group, differences will still remain. Overcoming tension arising from differences is simply seeing their value or simply putting yourself into their shoes and exerts all effort to see good thing and not the negative ones. Resist attempts to force uniformity.

E. Helping Each Other.

Each one has weaknesses. Even the most talented people have weakness. Instead of enjoying the others weakness, we should try our best to assist them. Shy people can be easily discouraged. Less experienced one can be trained. If somebody does not know of his fault, he can be told. We actually help people by not leaving them out, even if they are less experienced. Tasks should be rotating wherever or whenever it is deemed possible to help both the weak and as well as the strong ones.

F. Avoid Privileges of Individuals.

Avoid offering extra ordinary respect to some, more benefits to some, special places of honor to some, more praise to some but rather treats everyone as equally as possible because it simply increases togetherness not envy and jealousy that cause divisions.

G. Undertake Tasks Together.

Even if certain tasks could only be done by one person, have it done by two or three. They will get used to each other and learn to considers each other’s effort and bring forth good result.

H. Make Sacrifices For each Other.

All the above actions involve lots of sacrifices. It makes us a better and stronger person.

By: Ms. Dahlia B. Bautista | Kaparangan Elementary School | Orani, Bataan

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