Image Do we really feel the connection between us, the environment, global warming and climate change? Do we feel responsible for what is happening in the world today, and do we really believe it in the first place? Is there real worry among ourselves that the globe is actually warming, the climate is changing and our planet may really be dying? Or is it too distant a concept, and though it may be real, it is something we are not party to?

In the Philippines, the effects of climate change and global warming cannot be denied.

There used to be a clear picture between the dry and wet weather, or summer and rainy months, as we call them. January to June have had always been known as the dry months while the rest were the wet months. Nowadays, however, the wet and dry days occur anytime in the year. Some undeniable changes are seen during the Lenten Season, which is traditionally the hottest days of the year. However, in recent years we have experienced rainy days during the Holy Week, a sure sign that the climate is indeed changing.

Recently, however, this breeze has become elusive, and summer-like days are experienced even 3 or 2 days before Christmas. Moreover, it is not unusual to experience a scorching hot morning, and a heavy downpour towards noon. This has no doubt presented some complications to travelers, and to the fashion conscious.

What causes global warming, and what are the solutions to climate change, you might ask. Millions of articles, both academic and otherwise, have been written about it. But the more important question is, what can we, as individuals, do, to help fight climate change?  

Global warming and climate change are both real. And just like everything else that is happening in the world, we can all be parts of the solution. One tiny step lead is very significant towards the ultimate goal. You matter!

By: Katherine Punzalan

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