Through the years, it is apparent that children are becoming less inclined to reading. This could be attributed to the proliferation of internet, PSP, gameboy and other entertainment offered by the modern technology. Children are more attracted to engaging into those interactive games than on taking time to sit and spend some moments with books and other reading materials such as magazines and newspapers.

There are many benefits that children could obtain when they are exposed to reading. The children’s vocabulary become wider. They become more observant to proper grammar, ohrasing, spelling and even to pronunciation when they are reading aloud. Through reading informative books and magazines, the children could widen their knowledge and understanding about people and places from different parts of the world. Reading fictional stories and articles opens the world of imagination for them. Books that aim to give moral lessons could encourage children to share with others, not to tell lies, be respectful to elders or to always observe cleanliness.

Reading could also be considered as a socializing activity for the children. A parent reading a story aloud to her children provides a great apoortunity for them to share some quality time together, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. They share some precious time as well as their point of views on certain issues contained in the story. Through this, their relationship could be enhanced while learning and enjoying at the same time.

As parents, we must encourage our children our children to appreciate the goodness of reading. We should instill in their minds that reading is very vital not just for our survival in the school world but also in life as well.


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