Life is sometimes given a wrong definition by others. Some think that with just personal needs, we can survive. They say, life is what you make it. But for me, life is the greatest gift given by God to us through our parents for without them, we’re nothing in this world.

From a scientific basis, man came from apes and developed into human being. But according to the Bible, we were created by God and He gave us breath. A question as to where we really came from remains a question That is one of the wonders of life only God knows.

God teaches us how to love, and to the extent that someone has to offer his life for somebody else. Why? It’s because the heart has its own principles that they can’t control. But the highest form of love is the love we offer to God. So, if love can move mountains, prayers can do the same thing, and that’s another wonder of life.

God tell us not to be afraid of tomorrow. We are not yet asking but it’s already given. Lust like the birds, they don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has been prepared. God loves the birds for He gives them food to eat, without them asking it. What more to us human beings? God loves all His creatures especially us.

By: Mrs. Lourdes M. Octavio | T III – Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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