MSEP as an integral part of the educational program designed to promote the optimum development of the individual physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally through certain works, varied activities, and body movements. MSEP as a subject in the curriculum has been sadly neglected in the past and has suffered many setbacks due to misconception from among the teachers and administrators who perhaps never have had a chance to known more about this special field. It is therefore necessary that this subject area be properly defined and interpreted so that it will receive its rightful emphasis in the education program. Moreover the teachers’ background, training, competence, self-concepts, sense of work, attitudes towards work are some of the vital factors in the attainment of a good MSEP instructions. Above all these factors, the values of the MSEP teachers particularly those which are related to work or teaching contribute the great extent to the efficiency and effectiveness in performing their tasks, duties, and responsibilities as MSEP Teachers. The practice of good work related values by the MSEP Teachers help determine how well he performs his jobs in developing pupils’ skill in MSEP. Especially nowadays that much is expected from an MSEP Teachers since it is a subject not given much attention to and has been neglected by some.
    At work they are the major influences on how individuals approach work. In other words, values somehow directly or indirectly affect our work. In the field of teaching profession particularly in teaching MSEP, values are considered to be an important element in order to bring out the best in every teacher in building a very strong foundation of learning. As Casiano (2001) pointed out in her article, value is undetachable part of learning and that without values in all our direction, all our efforts are hollow in their core. Values drive an individual decision and cause him to summon up energy to preserve what he believes in or what he wants to defend. As such, values can be the principal determinants of behavior and will impact one’s views about people situations, or events.

    As mentioned by Lincoln (1997) every individual has a personal hierarchy of values that may include success wealth or monetary comfort, love/companionship, a sense of accomplishments or achievements. When a teacher spends time after school to help a student, he may feel he has sacrificed his own needs of the students. At the same time he is likely to have gained something a person’s behaviors and choices, they are worthy of explorations.


By: Manuel M. Felipe, Orion Elementary School

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